We'll get you in shape.
Be safe.

The self-defence course that makes you safe, confident and strong.

KRAV MAGA Selfdefense


Effective defense techniques against the most common attacks.


Develop your danger radar, de-escalation strategies, show civil courage.


Boost your self-esteem, physical fitness, self-confident manner.


Setting and enforcing limits. Staying cool in stressful situations.


„The training with Krav Core helps me in everyday life to cope better with stressful situations and it strengthens my self-confidence. And along the way I do something for my body and get to know new people.“
Samuel Bergmann, paramedics, Basel

„The training gives me self-confidence, keeps me fit and gives me strength.“
Annette Aschwanden, nursing specialist, Pfeffingen

„Great people, mixed age, women and men together in training, scenarios, defensive approaches, using martial arts elements, sparring, joint activities beyond training.“
Martin, Therwil

KRAV MAGA Selfdefense

> 90

Women and men in training


Years old


Team-members / instructors

prices for training

6 months

CHF 109
/ month
  • 1-2 trainings per week
  • Duration 6 months
  • Basel - Dreispitz
  • Basel - Kleinbasel
  • or: CHF 605 single payment

12 Months

CHF 99
/ month
  • 1-3 trainings per week
  • Duration 12 months
  • Basel - Dreispitz
  • Basel - Kleinbasel
  • or: CHF 1099 single payment

Special offers


CHF 99
  • 3-hour workshop, usually at the weekend
  • Small groups
  • Ideal as a start
  • Basel - Dreispitz
  • Basel - Kleinbasel

Individual training

CHF 140
/ hour
  • Flexible times
  • at least 10 lessons (otherwise CHF 160)
  • highly customized
  • Basel - Dreispitz
  • Basel - Kleinbasel
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