Self-Defense in Basel

How You Can Defend Yourself Safely and Effectively

Basel leads the Swiss rankings with 13.2 violent crimes per 1,000 inhabitants (Swiss average 5.4). In such an environment, it’s more important than ever that You can defend Yourself effectively. Self-defense is not only crucial for Your personal safety but also strengthens Your self-confidence.

Understand, Don't Fight

Self-defense does not mean becoming a fighting machine. Rather, it involves recognizing potential dangers early and avoiding them. A sharpened “danger radar” helps You navigate public spaces safely. It’s important to understand what perpetrators typically aim to do so You can respond appropriately.

Protection Comes First

In the event of an attack, it is crucial to protect Your central nervous system and remain conscious. Effective self-defense techniques, which focus primarily on protection, are essential. However, sometimes active resistance is necessary to create opportunities to escape – targeted strikes and kicks can be lifesaving.

The Psychological Component

Besides physical techniques, psychological preparation is of great importance. It is crucial to know how You react under stress and how You can manage Your emotions effectively. This knowledge can make the difference between overcoming a danger and being overwhelmed by it.

Training and Workshops

We recommend attending workshops or regular training to learn in a supportive environment. Our courses in Basel offer You the opportunity to learn self-defense in a safe setting. Fun and building self-confidence are the focus.

Safety Begins with Preparation

In a city like Basel, where the crime rate is higher than the Swiss average, being prepared is essential. A self-defense course not only gives You the necessary skills but also the confidence to apply them in case of an emergency.

What makes our training unique for you

Knowledge through experience

Our trainers bring their personal experience to the table, which makes learning authentic and profound

Can be learned quickly without prior knowledge

Our courses are designed so that you can make rapid progress without any previous knowledge

Learning in a safe environment

We offer you a safe space in which you can develop freely and try out new behaviors

Flexible adaptation to your needs

For optimum learning success, we ensure that our training methods are tailored to your individual requirements

Training inner and outer strength

We not only promote physical skills, but also mental resilience

Fast and sustainable learning

With our emotion-based training approach, we help you to internalize what you have learned effectively and permanently

Action-packed training sessions

Wir bieten actiongeladene Trainings, bei denen Du in einem geschützten Rahmen über Deine Schatten springen und neue Ressourcen in Dir entdecken kannst. Diese neu freigelegten Kräfte machen Dich im Alltag und in Stresssituationen stärker und steigern Deine Resilienz.

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